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LOffice - Small & Smart Call Center & CRM

LOffice is a light-weight call center & crm solutions. Like LCall, LOffice is not a pure software. It integrates pci cards and crm management features and provide incoming/outcoming telephone call recording, Caller ID Pop-Up screen, contact management, order management, customer service & support, knowledge managent etc. LOffice has integrate some technologies of call center, crm(customer relationship mangement),BI(business inteligence), SFA(sale force automation) etc.

LOffice’s features:

System Availability: 7*24 hours running and never stop.

Web-based:LOffice server can be run at one windows PC as service. Agent can use it by IE at own machine respectively. LOffice can also be deployed at internet.

Various databases supported: User can use MS Sql server or access or sybase/oracle as database source.

A low cost economic call center &crm integration solutions.

Main modules include:

Telephone recording

Customer Management

Customer details information maintainence and fields include company name, phone,email,fax,address, catagory, source type, credit type, bank info and memo etc.

Contact management, one customer supports multiple contacts. contact’s fields include: name, gender, age,birth-date,position,memo, office phone, mobile phone, phone extension, email and memo etc.

Contact information pop-up screen when its phone coming/outgoing. This is distinguished by contact’s one of phones.

Notification management, can setup one or more notifications for one or more customers.

Communication management

SMS: can send mobile short message to customers by LOffice. Single sending and batch sending supported.

EMail: can send Email to customers by LOffice. Single sending and batch sending supported. Outlook not needed.

SMS or email notification when order created or services cases creation& assignment.

System notification: like system warning, phone line broken, recording disk is full, schedule expired.

SFA Sales Force Automation management:

Products&stocks management: products catagory definition. stocks maintainence and adjustion.

Opportunity Management: convert common customer information into detailed opportunity records. Improve responsiveness to inquiries.

Order Management:

Order creation and query and reporting.

Workflow-drived order flow make all departments work as a team. History orders pop-up to agent’s screen when customer call in. Manager real-time has access to up-to-date order status .

Service management

Customer service case creation and reporting.

Knowledge Base: FAQs, standard problems and resolutions, known issues or tips

Give full tracking about how the team serve the customer. Workflow-drived also. for exmaple:

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