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LTalk - Enterprise Telephone Recording System(Software+cards)

LTalk is designed to be used in various enterprises application. By deploying LTalk, you can experience dramatic scalability and performance.

Easy to install

PC: Windows2000/2003/xp required, basic configuration is enough. Telephone Line: Analog phone lines. or Analog PBX lines supported. Analog lines typically found in home or small office. While digital lines are found in large, corporate phone systems. Software&driver: we will provide recording setup software and recording cards drivers. The setup software will install all drivers and software automatically.

Recording cards: PCI interface.

Easy to operate:

Web-based software user interface.

Recording software run as windows services background. No need to start manually.

All recording file saved as .wav, can be played at other audio devices.

Recording files can be played by LTalk’s software interface directly.

Strong recording ability:

Real-time digital recording at multiple lines up to 288 at one PC.

DSP hardware compressed. Support high compress rate such as A,U,ADPCM,PCM,PCM16.

No impact to both sides of conversations.

Caller id detection, so can record all incoming phone number.

DTMF key detection, so can record all outgoing phone numbers.

Automatic Gain Control(AGC)

Management feature:

Provide various searching condition for unique conversation and details fields include phone number, start time, end time, duration, inbounding/outbounding, channel number, contact name, memo etc.

Associate contact name and corporation name with phone number automatically.

Data&opeartion security control, roles definitions.

Disk auto delete old recording file when disk is full.

Recording file can be played and query via internet in different locations.

Reporting& Data analysis

Multiple analyze techniques provided, can provide table/grid/chart/Graphic.

Ad hoc query supported.

Users can select all kinds of data they want to see, apply calculations and aggregations, and control how it is displayed, filtered, and sorted.


Phone line running status monitoring

Email notification or warning if disk will be full.

Phone line health status monitoring

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