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LCall – Intelligent Call Center Solution

LCall is a total solution for enterprise call center system. As a in-house Contact Center Software Solutions, it will apparently save your costs and time.Just based on PC+voice boards+ call center software architecture, LCall can handle IVR and ACD applications, Call Recording,TTS, Conferencing,Fax , Inbound/OutBound call routing, and advanced agent management features at one windows PC. Besides, LCall provides strong reporting, B/S administration/user interface, monitioring, configuration tools and call center middleware sdk.

LCall call center

LOffice - Small&Smart Call Center & CRM

LOffice is a light-weight call center &crm solutions. Like LCall, LOffice is not a pure crm software. It integrates pci cards and crm management features and provide incoming/outcoming telephone call recording, Caller ID Pop-Up screen, contact management, order management, customer service & support, knowledge managent etc.


LTalk - Enterprise Telephone Recording System(Software+cards)

A Real enterprise telephone record system, based on LTalk software's multiple lines processing capacity, it can manage twelve 24ch-telephone-recording-cards at one PC, so LTalk telephone recording system can implements up to 288 telephone lines recoding simultaneously.

telephone recording card

USB-BOX – Telephone Assistant, Usb Telephone Recording Box

USB-BOX is a very portable telephone management assistant. By using a small USB box as caller id detector and telephone recorder, we can use box by laptop anywhere. BOX is a SOHO-oriented telephone & contact management tools.

Usb telephone recording box

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China call center software & solutions' - LCall Tech. is a leading call center manufacturer in China market, our customers cover every province in mainland and hunderds of industry leaders. Our products: LCall - Inteligent Call Center Software Solution, LOffice - small Call Center & CRM solution, LTalk – enterprise Telephone Recording System, Usb Telephone Recording Box, LQ - Call Center middleware sdk.

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